In addition to the projects listed in the menu to the left, BGforge helps to maintain some mods by various authors.


killap’s Unofficial Patch

Killap’s patch is a work of many years, an attempt to squish all remaining bugs in Fallout 2. It is a must have, if you want to play vanilla game.

killap’s Restoration Project

In addition to the patch, killap and other contributors have gathered and reintroduced much of the unfinished and/or cut content into the game. The quality of the said content varies - some of it has been cut for a reason. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying at least once, to make your own opinion. The Restoration Project includes the patch mentioned above, so you only need one of them.

Party Orders

Party Orders is an awesome addon - if you use companions, that is. It allows to issue orders like Regroup, Scatter, Pickup Items, etc. It’s included in RP, but also can be installed standalone.


Also, make sure to check out: