Wild Mage additions mod for Baldur’s Gate 2

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This mod expands on Wild Magic and Wild Mages. Fixed version, based on original by JOG. It’s designed for BG series. It might work on other IE games, but that’s untested.

You will meet a wild mage and gain access to his spellbook, from which you will be able to learn one spell per level of experience, a total of 27 new wild magic spells.

You will also have a chance to become a Spellshaper. A Spellshaper can’t rely as much on his magic as a wizard - his spellcasting abilities are comparable to those of a bard, and his spellweaving ability might backfire. He has a wide selection of spells (some of them not even accessible to a wizard or standard wild mage) but can’t cast them very often. In exchange the Spellshaper has combat abilities comparable to a rogue, and more often than not solves “problems” by mundane means, saving his magic as a last-resort tool.

See readme for more details and installation instruction.