BGforge runs a mod translation system based on Weblate. We focus on mods for classic Fallouts and Infinity Engine games.

The system allows multiple people to work on translations easily, not worrying about splitting up work, file formats, versions, etc. In addition, it provides nice statistics, glossary, machine translation to aid, git integration and other goodies.

This is not limited to our own projects. Anyone is welcome. In particular, iconic mods such as Ascension for Baldur’s Gate: Throne of Bhaal, and killap’s Restoration Project for Fallout 2 are translated on BGforge, too.

While the system is great, it doesn’t replace the need for actual translators. You are most welcome to help.

  • Have a question? Ask on our forum. Also, see Discord, Telegram, IRC.
  • Want to translate your mod on BGforge? Head the same way.