Unfortunately, many old sites dedicated to classic CRPGs disappear or get shut down. We seek out lost gems and try to restore them, to the possible extent. PlayItHardcore was the first one to get resurrected, others followed and more are in planning.

You can ask questions, make suggestions, and most importantly, offer help on the forum.


The iconic site was shut down by IGN some time ago, with all the other PlanetX sites. See it restored, discuss.


Evil Islands is a successor to Allods series. An often overlooked game - which is entirely undeserved. Unfortunately, evil-islands.com domain expired and is now squatted, but we’ve managed to scrounge enough material. Check it out. And here’s the forum topic.


These sites are available on the net, but BGforge still maintains mirrors - just in case.

TeamX archive

TeamX was a very active Russian modders team. Most of the engine documentation on the net is based on their research. Unfortunately, over the years the team fell apart, but their site is still available. BGforge mirror is here.


Infinity Engine Structure Documentation Project maintained by Gibberlings 3 is not in any danger of disappearing, but we still have a mirror.