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Unique Artifacts is a mod for BG1/BG2, designed to reduce the number of magical items available to the player. It will work with BG2:ToB, BGT, or EE games. Starting a new game is required.


Ever felt that BG saga is overloaded with magical items? Then this is a mod for you. It will reduce the amount of magical gear in the game.

In BG, descriptions of many magical items imply them being unique. However, the party often gets multiple copies of those. That includes items such as Kondar sword, Boots of Speed, Ring of Protection +2, etc. That breaks immersion and is somewhat annoying.

While this issue manifests moderately in the original game, it is severely aggravated by many mods, which add more and more copies of various items, with no regard to whether it makes sense, lore wise.

Unique Artifacts addresses the issue by:

  1. Establishing “canon” sources for “unique” items.
  2. Removing all other copies from the game.


  1. Each part of BG saga has its own set of “canon” sources. So, for example, you’ll be able to get Ring of Fire Resistance once in BG1, once in BG2, and once in ToB.
  2. UA doesn’t cover all items. Just the ones that are already known to be duplicated, or are likely to be (rings, amulets, boots, etc).
  3. UA only takes care of items that are present in the original game. New, original items introduced by mods are not covered (but you are welcome to make suggestions and submissions).
  4. When choosing which copy is “canon”, UA generally picks the least accessible one. It means that:
    • You will have to work harder to get the items.
    • You will get them later in game than usual.
    • In some cases (BG1 in particular), you’ll have to choose between completing a quest or keeping an item, or between items that you want to keep. Yes, adventurer life is hard. It’s supposed to be.

See readme for more details and installation instruction.