After a long break, finally new UPU and RPU releases are available. Version 27 includes a few dozen new fixes, as well as some QoL improvements.

The installer now allows to select a damage mod setting. Also, the option of wiping merchants inventories on restock is restored.

French and Magyar translations got their proper fonts and other assets.

Full changelogs: UPU, RPU.

As usual, RPU includes all applicable fixes from UPU, and bundles latest versions of smaller mods: Hero Appearance, Party Orders, etc.

Many people have contributed to this release, but I’d like to specially note:

  • NovaRain and phobos2077 for their continued work on sfall and patches for UPU/RPU.
  • Mr. House, who almost singlehandedly completed Brazilian Portuguese translation, becoming the top translator in the Hive.

Note that Portuguese translation still needs corresponding fonts to be usable, waiting for a brave hero to make that happen.

Download: UPU, RPU.

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