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MLS 1.8.0 - actions galore!

BGforge MLS version 1.8.0 brings multiple fixes and improvements, the most notable being completion and hovers for BAF actions, pulled directly from IESDP!

MLS and RPU updates

BGforge MLS 1.6.0 is released: more IE IDS tokens, sfall 4.2.2 definitions, minor bug fixes.


Great news today: BGforge Golem is finally launched!

BGforge MLS version 1.5.3

Minor bugfixes for BGforge MLS: WeiDU macro invocation highlighting Support for double variable reference in strings.

BGforge MLS version 1.5.0

New BGforge MLS version - 1.5.0 brings Sword Coast Stratagems Scripting Language support, lots of new IDS tokens for highlighting and some minor bug fixes.