Unique Artifacts is updated to version 7.

While not much has changed in the idea or scope, the execution has improved a lot. UA is now more robust and less intrusive when possible, and is using current best modding practices.

V7 includes two new components:

  1. Remove bonus merchants. These guys were likely introduced to urge people to buy Collector’s Edition back in the day. And yes, just about everyone just loves Robe of Vecna (Robe of Cheese), Shield of Balduran (yes, Shield of Cheese) and more of their stock. However, “just about everyone” does not equal “everyone”. Of course, even when they are in the game, you don’t have to buy anything from them. But it’s just a little bit easier when they aren’t.
  2. Less magical items. This is a counterpart to “unique” components. It works by toning down plain magical items (+1, +2, etc), that are also just littered in BG. Where you would previously find a long sword +3, you’ll find a +2. A previous +2 turns into +1. And where there was +1, there is none. This affects only containers and shops. Enemies’ equipment is not changed.

Download from github and feel free to share your feedback on the forum.