Tweaks and Tricks mod is updated to version 8.12.


  • More map notes: Nashel, Carnival, Baldur’s Gate.
  • Fair Fights: included Dushai, Bayard.
  • Improved traps: don’t alert about false exit skeleton trap in Durlag’s level 3.
  • Smarter familiars: giving a familiar a potion doesn’t prevent saving.
  • Poison protection: fixed scroll so it actually works.
  • Starting bags: subcomponent names fixed (cosmetic only).
  • Romance cheats: added Dearnise Romance.
  • PnP protection items: compatibility with BG1NPC - added Imoen’s gift amulet to the list of the items. Also, improved Koveras’ ring of protection from BGTTweak.
  • Store price depreciation: skip officer Vai, so that scalps can be sold at full price.
  • Bloodless deeds: actually works now.
  • New component: Save Melicamp.

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